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Our Responsibilities

We aim to provide realistic advice and treatment regarding your teeth & gums. We will explain your dental problems and concerns to you in a manner that you can understand so that you can make informed choices regarding your dental care. We will provide a written treatment plan and cost estimate for complex treatment.

A view of our soothing dark grey ceilings.

A view of our soothing dark grey ceilings.

Your views regarding your care are important to us. We will listen carefully to your views and wishes and take them into account when planning and undertaking your treatment. If you have been referred here by another dentist or health professional we will communicate with them throughout your treatment. If we feel that you would benefit from the advice of other specialists eg orthodontists or you require specialist investigations eg CT scans we will arrange this for you.

We understand  that some people find undergoing dental treatment very difficult. We aim to provide treatment for you in a manner that you can cope with comfortably.

Our tools and equipment are kept up to date.

Our tools and equipment are kept up to date.

The Practice is kept updated with modern, effective dental equipment and we have an ongoing rolling programme to update equipment to provide the highest standards of dental care in a safe environment. For your safety we have an up to date local decontamination unit equipped with a washer disinfector and vacuum autoclaves.

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If you are a patient of the Practice and have a serious dental emergency (such as uncontrolled bleeding, gross facial swelling or severe intractable pain) outside normal opening hours please telephone 0141 423 2580 to access our emergency numbers.

The dental profession in the UK is regulated by the General Dental Council (GDC). You can view the most recent set of GDC Standards that you should expect when you visit your dentist or hygienist (Adobe Acrobat required to view PDF).

Your Responsibilities

Please let us know of any change to your contact details. Please notify us of any changes to your medical history including drugs and medication taken. Please look after your teeth and gums by undertaking effective oral hygiene measures, eating a healthy diet low in refined sugar and attending the dentist and hygienist regularly.

Please attend appointments on time. If you cannot attend your appointment please cancel as soon as possible so someone else can use the slot.

We respectfully ask you to pay for your treatment on the day it is completed. If you are undergoing complex and prolonged treatment you will be asked to pay in instalments.

Dental Problems

Below is a list of common dental problems and their treatments:

“A man begins cutting his wisdom teeth the first time he bites off more than he can chew”

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