Paterson & Sadler


NEWS for 2017.

Andrew Paterson to leave the Practice

After 30 years in dentistry and 21 years in this practice, Andrew will be leaving the practice this year. From May 2017, he will no longer be seeing patients for routine care. He is not retiring (just yet!), but will be focusing on other dental commitments outside of the practice. Please read Andrews ‘Letter to Patients’ here. Andrew leaving the Practice

New Hygienist Clinic Times

We welcome Nicola McPherson, Dental Hygienist, to the Practice. Nicola will be available on Fridays (9-5.30 pm) and welcomes direct referrals for hygiene therapy. Please contact the practice on 0141 4232580 to book your appointment.

Helen McKirdy and Tracy Dyer continue to provide hygiene appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays respectively.

Dental and Hygiene Recall Appointments

To ensure you receive the correct recall appointment with your Dentist and Hygienist and get the appointment time you want, please make your next appointment at reception before you leave the practice.

Dental Nurse Team

We welcome Nicole McGuire to our Dental Nursing Team.She joins our Senior Dental Nurse, Susan Clark and nursing team, Shabana Mahmood and Hayley McCallum.

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